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About Michelle Rose Kennedy

Michelle has been writing since she was eight years old. Back then, it was picture books, hand written on index cards and stapled together, until her grandmother bought her a typewriter at a yard sale at age 10. She has also been seeing and sensing spiritual activity at least as long.

Michelle has been an intuitive and inclusive Reiki Master since since 2008. She is an Akashic Records Reader & Guide, a Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator, and she is a Yoga Teacher, with specialty certifications and extensive experience in prenatal and children's yoga.


Michelle is known as the Reiki Master's Reiki Master, as many will come to her for healing sessions and continuing education. Her access to the Akashic Records (our Books of Life) enhances her work with Reiki energy. She is a passionate, empathic and intuitive healer with an alternative approach and dedication to helping clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.


Each session holds space for healing. The client's openness and commitment to that healing is vital.

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A Book of Self-Empowerment & Self-Love
by Michelle Rose Kennedy

Everything you need to know about healing yourself is in this spiritually uplifting book. All you need to love yourself is already within you and Hold Space: Affirmations and Meditations for Healing & Loving Yourself helps you access it. Author, Michelle Rose Kennedy, guides you on a path so simple, you will start feeling better in minutes. From affirmations to meditations, Hold Space helps you feel your worth, embrace the real you, and live your truth unapologetically. Wherever you are, whatever age you may be, show yourself some compassion and heal now!

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Guided Meditations Available Now


My Book
Sitting Meditation


Sit with Yourself Meditation

Sitting with the Feelings

Mother and Daughter

Meditation on
Ancestral Love

An inner child experience.

Man behind Broken Glass

Mirror Work Meditation

Shadow Work

Love Wedding Decoration

Meditation on Love

(Bubble of Light)

Unconditional Self-Love

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Expansion & Connection Meditation

Awakening Your Potential

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Cloudy Mountain


Mountain Meditation

You Are Grounded

Mother and Child

Healing the

Mother Wound

Cutting Cords & Forgiveness


Shedding the Old

Letting Go