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the Guided Meditations

You may download each track or you may download all the tracks and play them along with the meditations in the book. Enjoy! 

Sitting Meditation


Sit with Yourself Meditation

Sitting with the Feelings

Mother and Daughter

Meditation on

Ancestral Love

An inner child experience.

Man behind Broken Glass

Mirror Work Meditation

Shadow Work

Love Wedding Decoration

Meditation on Love

(Bubble of Light)

Unconditional Self-Love

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Expansion & Connection Meditation

Awakening Your Potential

Cloudy Mountain


Mountain Meditation

You Are Grounded

Mother and Child

Healing the

Mother Wound

Cutting Cords & Forgiveness


Shedding the Old

Letting Go


Candle Gazing Meditation

Having Trust & Faith

All meditations are voiced and copyrighted © 2021 by Michelle Rose Kennedy and produced by her audio producer husband, Greg Schweizer. All rights reserved. Meditations may not be copied or shared without written permission from Michelle Rose Kennedy, My Reiki Healer, LLC.

Once you have purchased any files, there are no refunds. All sales are final. Files are not transferable and are for your listening enjoyment only, not for resale or sharing. Thank you!

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